Marknadsinsikt: prisutveckling på gas

Kommer prisutvecklingen på gas att vända inför vintern? De senaste veckorna har priset fortsatt att stiga. Läs vår prisbevakning på gas här.

Gas market – Strong inputs to gas market continue 

The gas price rose strongly last week.

Carbon and coal prices both went higher, sending a bullish signal to the gas market. A small drop in the oil price failed to catch the attention of the market and gas prices rose further.

The market also appears to still be nervous about the coming winter, where the current low levels in the storage facilities and low LNG deliveries are causing concern. The worst thing that could happen is if we get a cold start to the winter. The market would become very fearful in this case about how high the price would need to rise in order to balance the market.

This week opened with further rises for both coal and carbon, and the gas price has moved up another notch. 

Carbon’s exponential rise is a cause for concern, and the question is whether it may soon be time for a correction for carbon. This would send gas prices slightly lower if it eventuates.

Bullish mood: The market focuses on factors that can make the price go up.

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