Marknadsinsikt: prisutveckling på gas

Efter en prisdipp under juni har priset på gas börjat stiga igen. Underskottet i gaslagren kan påverka priset även i höst. Läs vår prisbevakning här.

Gas market – Prices have started climbing again 

Together with the rest of the energy complex, gas prices reached a high at the end of May with NCG YR-19 at around EUR 21.80/MWh. Since then, prices have dropped marginally, but over the last trading days, prices have started climbing again. Prices on the gas market have yet to beat the end of May price high, but they’re getting there.

Technical resistance may be expected not far beyond the current price level. This may help prevent prices from climbing even further, provided the resistance is strong enough. However, the underlying undertone is strong, and it’s doubtful whether the technical resistance will actually be able to prevent further price increases.

The gas storage levels are increasing, but they’re generally still very low compared to average seasonal levels. This is something that will persist into the winter as it’s physically very difficult to increase the injection of gas into the storage facilities faster than what’s done right now. The fact that the gas storage levels are as low as they are has a stabilising effect on prices as the risk is generally only pointing in one direction: If something goes wrong in the supply of gas to the storage facilities, they will not be full come winter, and an early start to the winter could potentially prove catastrophic for pricing. If the injection of gas into the storage facilities is done at the maximum achievable rate, the average level will only just be reached in time for winter.

The gas market is generally strong, and the price appears to be going up.

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